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Anti-Racist Resources for White and Non-Black Folks

Key Concepts and History To start, it is important to understand some key concepts. Privilege is the inherent advantage you have in society based on your race. Intersectionality, created by KimberlĂ© Crenshaw, and Black feminism, developed by Black women scholars, are two key frameworks that should be used to understand the intersection of different types of oppression. It is also crucial to learn African-American … Read More Anti-Racist Resources for White and Non-Black Folks


COVID-19 Resources

Affirmations A recent post by Araya Baker, an activist-therapist, inspired me to write a post to provide support for those in my network who are struggling during this time. Araya posted a beautiful list of affirmations that can help people, especially marginalized folks, remain hopeful amid COVID-19. Read Araya’s post here. I hope that Araya’s affirmations, as well as the resources I link below, … Read More COVID-19 Resources