A recent post by Araya Baker, an activist-therapist, inspired me to write a post to provide support for those in my network who are struggling during this time. Araya posted a beautiful list of affirmations that can help people, especially marginalized folks, remain hopeful amid COVID-19. Read Araya’s post here.

I hope that Araya’s affirmations, as well as the resources I link below, can provide you some comfort and strength during this experience of collective trauma and grief cause by COVID-19. Here are my favorite affirmations.

  • “COVID-19 recoveries are happening every day, and there is a collective effort beyond my awareness that will see us through.” – Araya Baker
  • “Mitigating my distress with good news, joy, pleasure and self-care is a healing act of self-preservation, not self-indulgence.” – Araya Baker

Here are some resources I have collected. Some of these have helped me throughout this pandemic, and I will briefly note my experience if the resource is one I have used.

COVID-19 Guidelines

I recommend sticking to two sources regarding COVID-19: the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Cities are reopening prematurely and people are being misinformed daily by their local leadership. These two organizations will provide the most accurate information to keep you and your community safe.

Mental Health

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a rise in stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. (Source: Especially considering the isolation many of feel during this time due to social distancing, it may be difficult to practice self-care or cope. Here are some resources that may be helpful.


A tip for LGBTQ+ people seeking counseling: Whenever you are seeking a counselor, especially through an app where I personally find it harder to communicate than face-to-face, I think it is important to ask screening questions. I have found that some counselors list LGBTQ+ specific care as a specialty when they have very limited experience, and I have found that other counselors with extensive experience don’t mention it. Here are some of the screening questions I recommend using: What is your experience working with the LGBTQ+ community? What training do you have related to LGBTQ+ care?

  • A counseling app I have found easy to use is BetterHelp. You fill out your preferences, the app matches you to a counselor, and you can switch your counselor anytime you want. The first week is free, and financial aid is available.
  • Another app I have used is PrideCounseling, which operates using a similar model and also offers financial aid.

Cleaning Products

FreeFrom is a survivor-led organization supporting survivors of domestic violence. Their cleaning products are in-stock and ship fast, and 70% of proceeds go directly to the survivors of domestic violence who make the products. They are currently making and selling Cleaning Spray (71% alcohol) and Hand Sanitizer (71% alcohol). Personally, I prefer using their hand sanitizer since it is moisturizing and does not sting my hands like other brands.

Featured image by @glencarrie.

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